About – 918Kiss

In one line 918kiss introduction, we’d say it’s an easy to play slot game that can win you a lot of money while sitting on your cozy couch.

Being the biggest slot game in Malaysia, it has achieved the high satisfaction of Malaysians and the great of Asia as well. It has become the top gaming and entertaining platform.

The players and fans of 918Kiss are always curious about this game and it's updates. At present, 918KISS has almost one million downloads and is highly recommended in Asia. On this app, there are lots of fun and intriguing slot games for gamers to select from and they will not get bored with them. It gives you the myriad options of slot games equipped with a striking and modest game interface. Along with that, another fascinating point is that slot games also give their players very interesting chances.

What is 918Kiss Original

918kiss is Asia’s best online casino game that most casino players play online these days. People from Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia are fond of this game. This online slot game has become one of the best online casino games online for a population of these countries. Other than these countries, other people also play these casinos, but the majority comes from the mentioned ones.

This game is best for the novice gamer who is at the learning stage. With its user-friendly interface and impressive layout, the game becomes very easy to understand and play.

What's more, it's very manageable to play. As we told you, the game’s interactive interface and ease of use make it one of the feasible and adventurous to begin a gaming experience.

A quick prompt: The previous name of this online casino game was Kiss918 and SCR888.

The name has changed, and so has the branding. Now, the 918kiss has got a considerable rebranding in a short period.

Along with that, we would like to add that it is one of the most prominent online casino games in Malaysian, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei because its reputation has thrived through quality service, outstanding quotes, and scrutiny to every detail.

918Kiss kaya Updates

For people who are novices like you can download Kiss918 kaya for free. If you have a Windows 95 operating system, kaya is the best repair and cleaning program that can speed up your computer and give you a good user experience on a PC. With this update, all your computer errors can fade away such as removing damaged or corrupted files from your PC, broken shortcuts, and missing DLL files.

If you have any registry error that is affecting your computer, you should definitely try the 918kiss kaya apk download. It will call off any error that comes off on your PC. Therefore, we recommend you to download the casino game from kaya because it's worth it.

Other than that, the downloading method is very simple. You can simply research about it on the internet and you’ll find several ways to download it on any device be it android, iOS, and PC.

How to download 918 kiss apk

APK stands for Android Package. The APK files can easily be installed on android devices. It's similar to installing software on the PC.

What usually happens is when anyone downloads an android application on an android device, from any official source such as play store, the application gets automatically installed.

However, the APK Files can also be downloaded and installed other than android devices with the assistance of a Chrome or Firefox extension or from unofficial websites.

The users can install unknown APK files by allowing "Unknown sources" from "Accounts and Security" from the Settings of one’s device.

Since the 918kiss is not present on the official sites such as the play store or App store, you will have to download it from other unofficial sites.

Novices such as you may find it difficult to download the 918kiss apk download. However, need not worry, we will explain to you the easy steps to download the game.

Following are the steps to download Kiss918 apk download:

Step 1 : Open the browser of your device and type official website 918kisslogin.app.

Step 2 : Click on the link that pops up to download the casino and select your device type (android or iOS).

Step 3 : If your device is android, then choose android to process and get on to android APK file.

Step 4 : Get it downloaded and follow the following step. Go to Homepage - Settings - General - Device Management - Trust whatever name comes over there. By doing this, your device will allow to use the app.

Step 5 : Open the 918kiss App and enter your login ID and password and enjoy playing the games.

918kiss PC Download

918kiss PC download 2020 is the best casino game that exemplifies the Malaysian casino to other Asian and worldwide casino players. You can either download it on your PC or Mac, you’ll enjoy playing it. In the 918kiss PC version, you can relish the Asia betting. On top of that, the 918kiss pc version will excite you with many intriguing and interesting games online.

So, are you waiting for downloading steps? Let us tell you that you can download 918kiss on your PC using a Nox player that costs nothing but a free download.

Let’s get started with the steps:

Step 1 : Download the NoxPlayer.

Step 2 : After you’re done with that, click on the emulator and press the “start” button.

Step 3 : After that, click on the install option and see the Terms and Conditions.

Step 4 : Once the installation is finished, open the browser in the NoxPlayer emulator.

Step 5 : You will find the 918kiss application inside the NoxPlayer, download that.

Step 6 : When the download is done, click on the “next” option.

Step 7 : Continue to install it.

Step 8 : When the installation is complete, you can fill in your casino ID and password in the appropriate sections.

This is a very simple process to get it downloaded. If you’re interested to have it downloaded on your MAC, you can do so by searching the “918kiss download iOS” on Google. The process is the same, but you can still search it for your convenience.

Free Credit

918kiss free credit is provided to only the best players present in the market. If you think you’re a good player, then you surely deserve to receive free credit on 918kiss. And if you’re not a good one, you can become one.

You can follow the tips and tricks applied by seasoned players to gain victory and become a level player in the market. Most of these tips and tricks are shared by the platform itself that you need to follow and gain victory.

As long as you pursue the tips while playing 918Kiss, then you will be eligible to hit an elevated winning ratio than other players.

After you reach that certain position, you can claim your free credit from 918Kiss. They will process your request in minutes, and even try placing and testing their aid. They are one of the promising casino gaming platforms in the market that allow withdrawals of up to RM15,000 a day and with that, they even let you withdraw up to 3 times in a day.

This guarantees the fairness of the company. Also, your deposits stay safe with them as they will payout as long as you achieve and fulfill the terms and conditions of the free credits that you take.

Other than that, new members can receive 100% free credit so that is another opportunity for people like you who are building their interest in this online casino. New members need to register their accounts to receive full free credits.

Upon fulfillment of registration with 918kiss, you guarantee a huge total bonus or several times a registration bonus of this online slot.

A lot of corporations don’t furnish such smart contracts for his or her players and thus the plurality is out there to know your cash and cheat you once you win massively from others.

That is why 918kiss encompasses Brobdingnagian recognition as compared to various corporations. We tend to prefer agents with a 100% Payout Guarantee Certificate and a should you do. This will increase the safety of your account and ensure a 100% payout.

With that said, at the end of this post, let us introduce you to a list of benefits if you play games on 918kiss.

About – Mega888

Online gambling is prevalent in today's society, with the number of online gamblers expanding and increasing every day. An estimated half of the global population is constantly engaged in gambling.

Mega888 was launched in 2018, and since then it has quickly grown to be one of the most distinguished online casino games in Malaysia. So, this is Mega888's startup introduction.

Like 918kiss, it has come to be the prominent denomination for slot machines in Singapore and Malaysia. This casino platform is also well-known for its numerous well themed games and high win price.

Furthermore, this platform provides more than a hundred categories of online slot machines. MEGA888 offers casino games including baccarat, roulette, blackjack, etc.

Every game has its distinct interface and theme. With the help of these striking layouts, players can surely find out the game they adore in a minute.

After getting impressed by the theme, players can try out the games and can have the opportunity to test the games by getting the free test ID.

When a player initiates becoming friendly with the game, the player can start wagering with real money. Besides, the game works on all Android and iOS mobile devices, providing players the steadiest best gaming experience. If you would wish to win tremendous awards from slots and other games, MEGA888 is a good selection.

Features of the Mega888

Easy Registration

There is no need for long forms for the registration, you have to fill in your name, age, and email address, and after some time, you can get access to your account very quickly. After registration, you will receive a bonus that you can use for playing games.

No Bugs

Unlike another site, the mega 888 update their site from time to time to solve any bug and technical errors so that you cannot face any technical error.

Chat Rooms

This online casino also lets you chat with other players; you can talk with players from all over by sitting in your home.


Mega 888 is a well-known site that has provided online casino services for many years; they have proper licenses and are legal. So you can join this platform without any hesitation and feel free from security risks.

Free To Use

The best thing about this application is that it is free to use; there are no subscription charges for playing this online casino game. If you want to take a bet, then you can use your money.

Earn Money

The unique and most liked thing about this application is that it provides you with fun and entertainment and gives you a chance to make money. You can earn money by playing the different games, as you can find them at this online casino game.

Reward and Bonus

The thing that makes this online casino game very attractive and popular is that it provides you many rewards and bonus which you use during different games. You can also use them as in betting.

Smooth Withdrawal

With the money you earn by playing the online casino game, you can withdraw the money on your account that you attached to this platform. Unlike other sites, this online casino allows you to withdraw your money very quickly without any problem.

Safe and Secure

Unlike other online games, the mega 888 online casino provides you effective security services because they have no compromise of their players' security. So you can use this application without the fear of being attacked.

Mega888 Free Login ID

You know you can get the Mega888 login for free if you are new to the platform. As a new comer, the game will offer you free login. You can get into it and enjoy the spin by playing any game for absolutely free. And if you continue to carry out this game, you can have free bonuses as well with time.

And ultimately, you can also get free credit and begin playing all the tremendous slots, tables, and other games in the original Mega888 Apk. The Free Credit bonus 2021 authorizes you to undertake the mobile games without using your very own money. Having experienced this, a particular confidence gets built on the Mega888 casino.

Mega888 Tips & Guidelines

A large number of new players have joined Mega88 recently, as they have switched from playing in land-based casinos to online casinos. Online casinos are better for use, be more flexible when practicing casino games. Several online casinos have more games, higher-quality games, a smoother gaming experience, highly flexible games, better rhythm control, user-friendly casino design, and enhancement. For these reasons, many people withdraw completely from land-based casinos and gamble online.

When you join Mega 888 for the first time, you may find that this can be an overwhelming experience. This is because the online gaming world operates much differently as compared to the larger land-based casinos.

1. Understand Budgeting

Success usually involves planning correctly, not just in the real world but also in the virtual world. Of course, this does not only apply to the online world. Budget, also known as money management, not only helps you track your gains and losses, it can also help you make better and brighter decisions regarding the games you play. In gaming, the reason is vital; you don't want to wipe out your resources for small fortunes.

2. Different tables

For example, a casino game gives you a 1 in 10 Rolls Royce chance of winning; it takes at least 10 seconds of your time to play a role, equivalent to having 100 seconds to win it.

The online world does not have any limits on the number of sessions that a person can play a game in at one time. This is referred to as strategy multi-table. In the case of Games that do not require a great deal of attention or control, there is no immediate limitation. The only problem is that it is challenging to hold more than one live table game. Still, players need to be able to concentrate and act at the speed of real professional players.

3. Gaming Strategy

Starting the game without making a betting strategy is a big mistake; it is stupid, fatal, and easy to take. Creating a betting strategy might seem obvious, but there are still enough naive players who believe winning is enough to succeed. Our favorite betting strategy guide is the ting strategy. The mar strategy is a betting method used to recover net profits after a loss for players who don't know.

Mar betting system The main point of the conclusion is that when the bet loses, the player will double the chance so that there is a long enough time so that the net profit can be [almost] guaranteed. Not every betting system is perfect and guarantees a win, however.

How to Become Mega888 Agent

Everyone is qualified to be an agent on MEGA888. It does not need to meet any conditions, only need strong capital, but you need to find an authorized agent to apply for a proxy user kiosk.

If you want to become a Mega888 agent, you need to buy games points. Your Kiosk system will include everything you need to run and manage your casino business. The Kiosk system will enable you to generate customer accounts, top-up the credits, clear the credits, and many other features.

To be successful as Slot Game Agent, you need to prepare a long-term strategy. Like any online gaming business that targets many customers, many different types of gaming like sports betting, online casinos, or slot games. It would help if you decided on your business strategy and started with the Mega888 game to focus.

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